We will minimise and control your sound reverberation and help you make the most of your environment. Quietly Working to produce a comfortable environment. Wall absorbers to blend with the background décor in a village community hall. Thermacoustic Ltd can help to create a friendly, comfortable working space where staff can work without distractions and not feel isolated from their colleagues. Be it an office, meeting rooms or boardroom where privacy is important; We can help!

With simple, effective and stylish wall and ceiling panels we can control the rebound and air-borne background noise that can ruin the atmosphere in any room. Using our expert knowledge, we can calculate supply and fit the correct number of acoustic absorbers needed to gain the perfect ambiance for your business or home.

Whether you wish the look to be discreet, sophisticated or something a little more bespoke in your design, our team will work with you to maximize the acoustic improvement and enhance your décor. These acoustic absorbers work well in any environment, be it office, leisure facilities, restaurants, or your home. Our acoustic solutions can enable a room to be used for different functions from yoga to children’s playgroups.