We have an experienced team of installers who take pride in their work and in whom we have total trust. We also work closely with top independent sound consultants Acoustic Associates Sussex Ltd to identify any potential problem areas before carrying out acoustic work. It is this combination of experience and trust that enables us to offer our unique guarantee of a sound test pass when undertaking work covered by Building Regulation Part E. At the time of writing, we know of no other acoustic contractor who offers this guarantee.
Our unique approach involves a free survey which may include, if necessary, a sound test of the existing structure so that problem frequencies and flanking paths can be identified. The results are then reviewed by a panel consisting of representatives from Thermacoustic, Acoustic Associates and if necessary, a structural engineer. At this meeting a ‘method of works’ is agreed and a quotation and guarantee is then issued to the client. Our quotation covers all acoustic works and includes the cost of the mandatory final sound test. For full details of our guarantee click here. Once our quotation is accepted, the client is involved in no further costs. In the unlikely event of a sound test failure, any further costs of re-work and subsequent sound testing are borne by Thermacoustic Ltd.

With the emphasis on open plan offices, privacy and concentration are major considerations which need to be addressed in order to establish a satisfactory working environment.

Restaurants & Function Rooms

Most of us have been in a restaurant or attended a function where it is difficult to understand what a person quite close to you is saying. What promises to be an enjoyable visit can turn into an event from which you can’t wait to leave! This is normally due to excess reverberation and poor acoustics.


It is very important that all letting rooms have a high degree of privacy. Most Hotels are constructed so that adjacent rooms afford this privacy, but weak areas have proved to be ‘interconnecting doors’ and rooms positioned over the kitchen / preparation areas, reception and function rooms.

The Solution

Thermacoustic Ltd offers a complete package with Guarantee for solving these issues which can include:-

  1. Sound testing to establish the extent of the problem(s)
  2. Design and installation of absorbent and/or reflective surfaces to achieve the optimum sound balance required of the venue.
  3. Interior design service to enhance or create the ambience required of the area in question.
  4. The supply and fitting of absorbers and products from other reliable acoustic manufacturers.
  5. The installation of acoustic ceilings, walls and floors.